Tobi Dress-Germain, J.D., Director


New York / London / Washington, D.C.

Welcome to the Peacebuilding Advisory Service, offering mediation expertise, advisory services, guest lecturers, and mediation program design.

Our mediators, lawyers and writers can assist with program design for mediated dialogue, facilitation, dispute resolution, and conflict prevention.

We also serve as guest and visiting lecturers on all of the subjects highlighted below.

Our expertise includes creation of programs for mediation of human rights and identity-based disputes.

Our specializations include

  • Advisory services
  • Serving as visiting lecturers and guest speakers
  • Mediation and facilitation services
  • Programme development:
    • Planning
    • Coaching
    • Drafting and reviewing documents

In addition, we offer the following related services

Authoring, editing, and reviewing reports, articles, and documents on peacebuilding and related disciplines, including:

  • Human rights and inclusion
  • Just governance
  • Rule of law and transitional justice
  • Coexistence and reconciliation
  • Healing of trauma for survivors of armed conflict and natural disasters

More details on our specializations

  • Advisory services —
    Advising international, national, state, and local officials on all aspects of dispute resolution, mediation, and facilitation, including:
    • How and when to use mediated dialogue
    • How to create mediation programmes and projects
    • Ethics of mediation
    • Structure of mediative dialogue processes
    • Bringing parties to the table and pre-mediation processes
    • Mediation of cases in litigation
    • Benefits and drawbacks of mediation in specific cases
    • Advocacy in mediation
  • Providing guest lecturers, instructors, and tutors and working with universities, academic institutions, and think tanks to design or expand dispute resolution, conflict prevention and peacebuilding departments and curricula.
  • Designing mediation, dialogue and dispute resolution programmes for:
    • Local, state, and national government agencies in the US and worldwide
    • Intergovernmental agencies
    • Non-profit organizations and NGO’s
    • Universities, academic institutions, and think tanks
  • Specialized mediation programme development, including mediation of human rights and identity-based disputes.
  • Programme development:
    • Planning
    • Coaching
    • Drafting and reviewing documents
  • Working on teams mediating and facilitating disputes, including complex multi-party claims, such as disputes related to environmental issues and related to the extractive industries.
  • Developing programs with customized processes, such as fast-track mediation programs, and programs with online components.

Please note that we serve as guest lecturers on all of the above subjects, from individual lectures and seminars to full semesters.

We look forward to discussing your organizational needs, goals, and ideas.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

— Peter Drucker